Swimming Pool & Underwater LED Lighting

Under Water or Under Ground LED lights ( LC-001)

Announcing the world 1st 50mm 316 stainless steellP68 LED under water 18 Watt in RGB( Multi-Colours) or lOW in single colour light:

  • Uses the structure of model UWL 18W and is mounted with 1 X 18W high power light source suitable for under water installations for pools or spas. Comes complete with sleeve suitable for tube connection.
  • Made with a 316 gauge stainless steel alloy case measured only 50 mm in diameter that has a high level of heat conductivity.
  • Guarantee water tight and 50,000 hours of lift span.
  • Made to order wire lengths.

Under Water stainless Steel IP68 rated LED Pool lights (LC-002)

  • Measured 52 x 79mm in size.
  • 3W Bright LEDlight source available in RGBor single colour.
  • Mirrored beaded lens.
  • Remote external control.
  • Comes complete with a high quality plastic sleeve for tube connection of under ground.
  • Made to order wire length.

We have been offering this service to our professional pool builders and pool distributors with the latest energy saving and long lasting LEDlights for many years now including the replacement for the old Halogen PAR56 light.
More recently we introduced the Stainless Steel case casing LEDlights with power up to 80 LEDwatts in RGBor single colours.
Different plate sizes all mounting flush with pool walls or to be inserted into a 1 ~ or 2 inches tubes. Again they are all available in RGB( Multi Colour) or in single colours with different colour temperatures.
Our range offers good value for money compare what are available on the market to-day.
This is one of our best performance product kindly call for detail technical specifications and availabilities.